SaraDar - "House of Healing"

Christmas Is Coming

Christmas Are you still thinking of the perfect Christmas gift your family, friends or colleagues? We at Saradar Therapeutic & Thai Massage would recommend the gift of a massage gift voucher. You can select these of several types and duration or just set a value limit. Please come to visit us to purchase gift vouchers or take advantage of being able to purchase these online .

Online Gift Vouchers

New Saradar Therapeutic & Thai Massage is pleased to announce to our clients that they can now purchase gift vouchers online. Check out our new page here .

Summer Special Promotion

Promotion Saradar Therapeutic & Thai Massage would like to announce our special offers for the Summer months (or until further notice).

  1. 90 minute Relaxation and 90 minute Combination Thai+Oil massages are discounted to a special price of $99. This offer is available for cash only. This offer is available at all times,
  2. 30 minute Deep Tissue massages will be charged at a special price of $45. This offer is available for cash only, Mon-Fri only and 10am-2pm only.
  3. 15 minute Neck & Shoulder massages will be charged at a special price of $25. This offer is available for cash only, Mon-Fri only and 10am-2pm only.

Remedial Massage

If you've never had a Remedial Massage before and are not sure what it is or how it can help you then you have come to the right place.

Remedial Massage is a clinical and hands-on treatment approach to soft tissue therapy dysfunction or damage. The technique uses gentle massages of the muscle tissue and because it works deeper than a regular relaxing massage, the effects are usually deeper and longer lasting. A typical massage therapy session lasts about 20 – 30 minutes depending on the extent of impairment or dysfunction and the amount of treatment your body can withstand at one time.
Too little treatment can be ineffective but too much treatment can be just as ineffective also. A typical treatment does not cover the entire body because all the structural imbalances may not be addressed in one session. Also your body needs time to adjust and return to normal nerve firing, flexibility and function at its own pace. Extended session which can last between 30 – 45 minutes may be recommended if there are extensive problem areas.
Remedial massage is used to prevent as well as heal injuries but ideally remedial massage therapy is used as a preventative form of treatment that works by removing pain and dysfunction, relieving stress and creating balance in the body, generally promoting a sense of deep relaxation and well-being. However, if you have an injury remedial massage therapy is extremely beneficial as it helps in treating a wide variety of muscle and skeletal conditions such as back, neck and shoulder pain, muscle sprains, repetitive strain injuries, whiplash, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tension type headaches and migraines. Trigger points, which are tiny contractions of the muscle fibres, can cause symptoms such as pain, muscle stiffness, weakness, nausea and dizziness. These trigger points feel like knots. The therapist will feel for these knots (which range in size from a pinhead to a pea), lying along a taut band of muscle fibres. They may be caused by accidents, falls, strains, postural stress and muscle over-use and can lie latent within the muscle indefinitely but they can also be activated by very little stress or strain. They are extremely painful when pressed and are easily treated once found.
The massage therapist will be able to trace the pain or injury back to the original area of damage, and use specialised massage techniques to break down the scar tissue in a way that encourages mobility. Massage will also encourage and support the body's own healing and repair mechanisms.

About Us

SaraDar has been open and offering high quality massage and art gallery services since 2008.

At SaraDar we aim to make your experience as genuine and as traditional as possible from the moment you step inside. Our customer service is second to none and our therapists have all been trained in the ancient Wat Po style of massage, so you know you will be in “good hands”. The Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical School is the first and the original Thai Massage School in the world. Come and indulge yourself with our services and let the trained hands of our therapists soothe away your worries and renew your body, mind and soul in our sanctuary.
SaraDar would also like to introduce its Remedial and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Massages.
SaraDar is also pleased to offer for sale a range of authentic and imported Thai art-works.

Each of the paintings and ceramics has been hand crafted and offers a unique piece that respects the Thai traditions of craftsmanship and presentation.

In 2016 we were pleased to have been awarded a Certificate Of Excellence by TripAdvisor.


Private Rooms
Couples Room (by Request)
Foot Massage Lounges
Shower and Toilet
HiCaps (For Rebates)
Gift Vouchers Available


We are located at 649 Burwood Rd Hawthorn East Vic 3123.
This can be found between Auburn Rd and Montrose St.


Tel: 03 9882 7786
Mobile: 0420 266 649 (For SMS Only)


Parking is limited on both sides of Burwood Rd and Clearway restrictions apply outbound Mon-Fri 4.30-6.30-pm.
Parking is also available on Montrose St and Lilydale Gr.
Limited parking is available behind the shop on Montrose Pl.

Public Transport

The easiest way to access our premises by public transport is through the Auburn Railway Station and a short walk via Montrose St.

Other options include taking the No 70 (Wattle Park) tram to stop 36 (Corner Riversdale & Auburn Rds) and walking up Auburn Rd; Taking the train to Glenferrie Station and walking eastwards along Burwood Rd; or taking the No 16 (Kew to Melb Uni via St Kilda) tram to stop 73 (Corner Glenferrie Rd & Burwood Rd) and walking eastwards along Burwood Rd.