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SaraDar is pleased to offer a number of other goods and services.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a theme of Thai culture and healthy living.


SaraDar is pleased to offer original hand-painted works on canvas of the Thailand based artist Tong Thong. Tong’s works utilise strong colours and texture.  The works range in size from under 1m2 to up to 4m2. Please visit the shop to see our display of selected works for sale.


Benjarong – Traditional Thai Ceramics Benjarong is perhaps one of the most colourful and ornate of the Thai handicrafts.  Benjarong is the name given to a style of hand painted porcelain from Thailand.  The name literally means “five colours” (Sanskrit) due to the original use of five colours in the designs although more recent developments may utilise more colours. Benjarongs are created from fired white porcelain.  Enamel colours are applied one at a time, with over-glazing (to create a “swelling” effect) and the piece re-fired in a kiln after each colour.  Each firing takes at least 6 hours.  Gold may be added as a trimming to finish the piece.  As such Benjarongs require skilled and patient artisans to produce each item. Benjarong designs traditionally use repetitive forms such as geometric patterns or flower based. Benjarong porcelain dates back to at least the 13th century where they were produced exclusively for the royal court.  During the early 19th century a variation on the style, known as “Lai Nam Thong” developed where the gold was added.  Benjarongs are no longer the exclusive property of nobles and the wealthy. Benjarong items can be anything that can be made out of ceramics, such as tablewares, tea sets and covered bowls.   SaraDar is pleased to be able to offer customers Benjarong pieces at a considerably discounted price.  Please come into the shop to see what colours and patterns are available.
Items for Sale
Covered Bowl (2 Piece) 10.5cm W x 16cm H $120
Covered Mug & Saucer (3 Piece) 9cm W x 15cm H $120
Thai Silk Box (not available separately) Add $15
Please note that these items sell for approx $US150 in person (in Thailand) or $US250 on-line. These pieces will shine forever and will require only a damp cloth to wipe away dust.  Never use an abrasive pad.  Benjarongs should not be used in dishwashers or microwave ovens.


SaraDar is pleased to offer original photo prints of Thai scenes and locations. Please visit the shop to see our display of selected prints on canvas for sale.

Prints for Sale
Canvas Print 45cm x 30cm $95
Canvas Print 60cm x 20cm</td> $95
  Please feel free to contact us for prints on other sizes and/or media (Price by Quote),
  • Canvas  Up to 100cm x 75cm or 120cm x 40cm
  • Glass     Up to 50cm x 40cm or 90cm x 30cm
  • Metal    Up to 50cm x 40cm or 90cm x 30cm
  • Photo Paper
Please come into the shop to see what images are available.


Floral Arrangements by order from Anis-Floristry, specialising in Thai and Australian arrangements.